• Inside Out


    20th of November - One NEST Stand #18 - Element of Surprise @NEST, The Hague, NL.

    26-29 March - Mamut Art Project 2015 @Maçka Küçükçiftlik Park, İstanbul, TR.

    Learn the alchemy true human beings know. The moment you accept what troubles you've been given, the door will open. Welcome difficulty as a familiar comrade. Joke with torment brought by the friend. Sorrows are the rags of old clothes and jackets that serve to cover, then are taken off. That undressing and the beautiful naked body underneath is the sweetness that comes after grief. The hurt you embrace becomes joy. Call it to you where it can change. A silk worm eating leaves makes a cocoon. Each of us weaves a chamber of leaves and sticks. Silk worms begin to truly exist as they disappear inside that room. Without legs we fly. When I stop speaking, this poem will close and open its silent wings.

    - Rumi

    photos by Jhoeko
  • 27.3


    26-29 March - Mamut Art Project 2015 @Maçka Küçükçiftlik Park, İstanbul, TR.

    Human beings have alienated themselves to the universe because of the curiosity that is intrinsic to their nature. The motive of curiosity, which feels like it is carved into the collective memory from the outer world, pushes the animal-based figure to a self-conflict and directs it towards the objective of interpreting its place in the existence. From now on, this hybrid figure, looking at this world on the one hand and at the outer space on the other, is in an effort to situate itself in the cosmos.

    in collaboration with Süha Zaimoğlu
  • Duality


    According to our perception, the ultimate space requires absence of the substance. The absence of light: darkness.

    Light, subtile matter which spreads in emptiness, needed a plane to reflect and to be seen. Human eye was a respond for the vitally important light. Since the perception of light is evolved, human being has discovered his sense of aesthetics. Now he was no longer satisfied with basic products of nature, so he begun creating his own designs.

    I mean a kind of human eye simulation, a small dark box. The dynamics that are being processed in the space of my box; light source, it's plane, shadow, a secondary virtual image as a result. I believe i could assign all these elements in one frame with my impulse. My sight is failing me, i begin to see objects, planes and substances with their virtual twins. Maybe this is related with the mirror in my camera.

    I still cannot be sure if the duality is coming from inside or the outside.

  • Body